Meme Killer

The future of meme coins is being taken over, all meme coins must surrender or be hunted down night and day. Galactic inu travels around the galaxy looking for planets that inhabit meme tokens, the mission goal is to remove all meme tokens from existence. Galactic inu has chosen earth as its next target. Galactic is based on the ancient mythology, the master of the underworld Anubis. Galactic inu launched on the BSC network, be part of this new exciting journey with a fast growing community. Join now or be hunted down.

  • Interval Burns

    15% initial burn complete, and counting! Stability is important, and we work to achieve this through interval burn.

  • Dark Swap

    The DEX with anonymous transactions... Coming soon.

  • Active Community

    Implementing a DAO is a long-term goal, and look forward to creating a more engaging community through all we do!

  • Galactic Games

    Thrilling & emmersive games... soon!

  • NFT Collections

    Thousands of Unique and rare collectibles!.

  • Galactic Movie